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You know you're capable of working hard and crushing your training sessions but fatigue and the inability to recover keep you from doing so.

When you're too tired to train you can't make the progress you want in the gym. When you're strugging to fall asleep at night you can't fully recover from your workouts. A lack of energy can lead to a lack of motivation and it's hard to perform your best when you aren't motivated. 

Or maybe you're wired all the time. You're able to push yourself in the gym, but you're struggling to rest and recover. No matter how hard you work out you can't seem to lose the weight around your middle, or develop muscle.


In this free 5-day training I'm going to teach you HOW the body responds to stress, and WHY you aren't making the progress you want

The training will cover:

  •        The role the adrenals play in our body's stress response
  •        Signs and symptoms of Adrenal Dysfunction (otherwise known as HPA Axis Dysfunction, or Adrenal Fatigue)
  •        The three phases of adrenal dysfunction
  •        The HPA Axis and how it works (our adrenals don't work alone!)
  •        What hormones the adrenals produce, the purpose of each and how when they are out of balance they can negatively affect our training and results

How the training works:

  •        Click the button below and input your name and email
  •        Then check your inbox for the confirmation email from me and click the link to make sure you're opted in!
  •        Once you've opted in you'll receive the first email in the series, and one every 24 hours there after for the remaining 4 days
  •       Take about five minutes out of your day to read & learn about your adrenals! - That's it!

Hi, I'm Veronica

Powerlifter. Strong(wo)man. Kettlebell Instructor. Health Coach. Personal Trainer. 

Basically I'm a lover of all things strength. But I learned the hard way, you can't get stonger if you're too fatigued to train. 

For years I suffered from chronic fatigue. I had terrible insomnia and struggled to get out of bed in the morning. Until it finally got so bad I could barely make it to the gym. After pushing myself past my limit for years, I just couldn't physically (or mentally) do it anymore. 

I finally took my health into my own hands. I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and got to the root cause of my fatigue - adrenal dysfunction. My extremely low cortisol levels were the root cause behind my fatigue. Finally having an explanation for my symptoms, I was able to heal my body, return to an optimal state of health, and lift heavy things again. And I want to help you do the same.


How do I know if I need this training?

Adrenal dysfunction, while common, is not normal. If our body is under chronic stress for an extended period of time and we don't take the necessary time to relax and recover, our adrenals can suffer. This can result in feeling constantly wired all the time OR chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, weight gain in the waist despite exercise and healthy eating, blood sugar imbalances, the inability to put on muscle, plus so much more.

I believe knowledge is power, and the more knowledge we have as women the more empowering decisions we can make about our own bodies. My mission in life is to help women balance their hormones so they can train hard and live life to the fullest. We can't heal from adrenal dysfunction if we don't know we have it, or even know what it is.

Join me for this free 5-day training to learn more about your adrenals and how your body responds to stress. The training will be delivered via 5 daily emails, with the first email arriving right after you sign up.