You want to take charge of your own fertility,

without the use of a pill, but you aren’t sure how.

Every time you go to the gyno your options feel like the pill, or abstinence, and neither seem right for you.

You want to learn more about your body, and make informed, empowered decisions. You want to feel in control and you deserve to be.

There is a way to track your fertility, and feel empowered in the process, without the use of pseudo-hormones and it's called the Fertility Awareness Method. 

The Fertility Awareness Method uses our body's natural fertility signs to prevent, or achieve, pregnancy. 


Did you know each month your body sends you multiple signs in regards to whether or not you are fertile?

You can track these signs - using only a thermometer and an app (or an old fashioned pen and paper!) - to take charge of your own fertility, and learn more about your body in the process. In the free Introduction to Fertility Awareness Method Guide I teach you about the three fertility signs and how to track each one - in only a few minutes each day.


There are far better options for birth control than the pill, or a patch, ring or implant.

I've heard from countless women that they "don't want to go back on the pill, but don't know what to do". Hormonal birth control suppresses ovulation and shuts down your body's natural hormone production. Not only does it do that, but it comes with the risk of side effects such as depression, hair loss, loss of libido, weight gain and even cancer and blood clots - so I don't blame the women that don't want to be on it (I don't either).

Our menstrual cycles are natural and normal, and serve a purpose outside of achieving pregnancy. The sex hormones our bodies produce each month help to regulate our mood, stimulate libido, benefit our bones, brain and muscles, aid in sleep and so much more. By shutting down our natural hormone production with hormonal birth control we are missing out on these amazing benefits every day. 

The steroid drugs in hormonal birth control do not provide these amazing benefits.


The Fertility Awareness Method allows you to determine which days of your cycle you are fertile so YOU can decide whether or not to abstain from sexual intercourse on those days or use a barrier method. 

FAM uses three definitive signs of fertility - your basal body temperature, cervical fluid changes and cervix changes. And it takes only a minute or two each day to track them. 

In this free guide you'll learn:

  • in-depth details about each of your body's natural fertility signs
  • how to track each sign
  • the best apps to use to track your period and fertility signs
  • how to know if and when you ovulate each month (a major part of period health!)
  • which days of your cycle you are fertile

Once you click 'Download Now' you'll be taken to a page to enter your email - within minutes after entering your email you'll receive an email with the link to the guide in Dropbox - meaning if I ever update this guide, you'll always have access to the latest version!