3 of My Favorite Ways to Benefit from Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan sea salt has been getting a lot of of good press over the past few years and for very good reasons. You may be wondering, "Is it actually that much better for me than regular old table salt?" or "Won't it still raise my blood pressure?". The answers are yes (it is MUCH better for you than table salt!) and no, it won't raise your blood pressure! 

What is Himalayan Sea Salt and where does it come from?

Himalayan sea salt is mined from ancient sea beds 5,000 feet below the Himalayan mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is over 99% pure, and contains 84 trace minerals (compared to table salt, which has been very heavily processed, stripped of minerals - except sodium and chloride - and bleached - and sometimes even contains added chemicals). You may have heard Himalayan sea salt also called pink salt, rock salt or Himalayan crystal salt.

Himalayan sea salt provides numerous benefits including, but not limited to, reducing asthma and improving respiratory problems, balancing the body's pH levels, purifying air, aiding digestion, improving hydration and mineral status of the body, balancing hormones and blood sugar (through improving insulin sensitivity), all resulting in improved sleep.

There are many different ways to reap the benefits of Himalayan sea salt. The following are my top 3 ways:

1. Eating it

I put Himalayan salt on everything. I think my friends and family are slightly concerned about this, and given what they've been lead to believe about salt in general I don't blame them. But here's why I'm not worried:

Blood pressure is regulated by sodium and potassium maintaining a specific ratio in the body. When sodium levels are too high compared to potassium, your body may not be able to maintain a healthy blood pressure level - potentially resulting in hypertension. Why regular old salt has gotten such a bum rap for raising blood pressure is because it has been stripped of it's natural potassium, but still contains sodium. So if you are eating a diet full of table salt and processed foods containing table salt, your sodium levels are bound to rise. But, unrefined salt like Himalayan sea salt still contains potassium.

Another amazing thing about Himalayan sea salt is that it helps us to digest our food. Stomach acid, otherwise known as hydrochloric acid, is needed in order to properly break down protein. When chloride (naturally found in salt) combines with hydrogen in the stomach, it forms hydrochloric acid. So that salt you add to your grass-fed steak has an added benefit besides just making it taste better.

2. Using Salt Lamps

I keep a salt lamp next to my computer at my work desk and have it turned on for the majority of the day. Salt lamps produce negative ions (in small amounts) which have the ability to neutralize the positive ions in the air. Positive ions are given off by pollen, dirt, dust, and electronics such as computers, televisions and microwaves. Negative ions have the ability to neutralize positive ions (the two bind together) resulting in purified air. (Negative ions naturally occur in nature in much larger quantities from sources like waterfalls, the ocean, sunlight and lightening.)

Salt lamps attract water to their surface and the water is quickly evaporated due to the heat being given off from the lamp (if you have a salt lamp and it appears wet or like it's sweating this is why). Water vapor in the air can carry mold, allergens and bacteria, so when this water vapor is attracted to the salt lamp it is removed from the air.   

3. Going to a Himalayan Salt Cave

Salt caves are an excellent way to relax. The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that has the same frequency as our brains. All of the devices we are surrounded by everyday, such as cell phones, computers and microwaves, disrupt this frequency. Luckily, pure salt has the exact same frequency as the one which surrounds earth. Sitting in a salt cave (with no electronics!) can help to balance the frequency of your brain, resulting in a more relaxed state.

Sitting in a salt cave can also help to relieve respiratory conditions, reduce allergies and asthma plus so much more!

There are many additional ways to get the benefits from pure Himalayan salt, such as Himalayan salt sole, using salt in your Neti Pot or bath and using a salt inhaler. I urge you to add the benefits of pure salt into your daily life (and throw out your table salt!).