What would you do with all of your free mental time?

Developing a healthy relationship with food can be challenging. We are constantly being sold diets and cleanses and being told certain foods are "good" or "bad". Ads pop up on our computer screens trying to convince us "this super food will help you lose 10 pounds in three days!" or scaring us with "the #1 food that will make you gain belly fat" (which by the way was a banana, really?! a banana?).

It's hard to know what to believe. It's even harder to not feel some type of guilt or shame around eating certain foods when magazines and diet coaches are telling you you'll gain weight if you do. There's constantly a new diet or cleanse that promises in 10 days you can have the body you've been dreaming of. But chances are you've already tried tons of diets - I know I have. Some of the diets aren't actually that terrible - they tell you to focus on whole foods that are minimally processed. They tell you to eat an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat - which are important macronutrients are bodies need. But what these diets miss is the mental aspect. We can't eat this way forever. Especially if we haven't changed our mindset around food.

Most of us have been conditioned for so long to overthink food. We are constantly wondering what our next meal will be, or feeling guilty about the food we just ate. It takes up a lot of mental space. Personally, I spent years wasting time thinking about food that could have been time spent thinking about more important things - like my schoolwork or business plans. 

If you didn't struggle with food, what would you do with all of your free mental time?

Would you spend more time actually being present with your friends and family? Would you enjoy social events and actually be able to live in the moment instead of over-analyzing how to navigate the food table? Would you plan vacations or business ideas with less stress and more mental clarity?

I created #EmpoweredEatingEducation, a 6-week group coaching program to help women take their power back over food - resulting in additional free mental time to focus on the more important things in life, instead of the stress of making food choices. This program has been designed to help women heal their relationship with food, so they can make confident decisions around what they choose to eat. I've taken all of the tools and strategies I used to heal my relationship with food and put them into this 6-week coaching program. You can read more about the program and sign up here: https://veronicamcnelis.lpages.co/empowered-eating-education/

Our purpose in life is much greater than to stress about our food choices. We are meant to be creating, loving and living life to the fullest, not mentally weighed down by what we just ate.


If you're ready to find your food freedom you can join #EmpoweredEatingEducation here!

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, June 18th at midnight, and the program officially begins Monday the 19th!